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ד"ר עידו בסוק
יום ו', ו’ בטבת תשע”ט
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Poet, translator and scholar

+972 (02) 5363420 E-mail Selected poems and translation of a number into English List of translations Scientific publications Curriculum Vitae Born 1950, kibbutz Ashdot Ya'akov (me-uchad). Married to Ginat and father of Nahar and Yanai. Studies: B. A. Hebrew Literature and Philosophy, Hebrew University of Jerusalem (1973). M. A. (Maîtrise) Modern French Literature, Université de Grenoble, France (1982). M. A. (cum laude) Personal program: Literature and History of the Jewish National Home in Eretz-Yisrael (Palestine), Hebrew University of Jerusalem (1991). PhD, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Faculty of Humanities, Institute of Contemporary Jewry (2010): Aspects of Education of Jewish Youth in Poland between the World Wars in Light of Autobiographies by Jewish Youth from the YIVO Collection. Post-Doctorate (Lady Davies Fellowship): A Biography of the Hebrew Poet Shaul Tchernichowsky (1875-1943). Work: Teacher of Literature and Hebrew Composition at various high-schools (until 1979). Teacher and lecturer of Hebrew Language in Hebrew Literature at Institut des Langues Orientales, Paris, and other universities in France (1979-1983). Editor of educational Journals in The Division of Adult Education in the Ministry of Education (since 1985); translator of novels, poetry and philosophy from French, English and Yiddish. Also editor of translations.

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